Samson - A Different Approach to Pre-Qualification


Are you looking into using a supplier database to manage your pre-qualification and supply chain competence?

Check out Samson for an different approach...


All supplier PQQ databases charge a registration fee, even the government run ones. These fees can be the tip of the iceberg with some systems making additional charges, depending on the size of the business and the services offered.

With Samson

With Samson there are two registration options. The supplier can pay a registration fee of £195 (that's it - no extra charges) or buyers can invite their suppliers to register with Samson, free of charge, if the buyer is using the Samson licensing scheme.

My record for completing a PQQ assessment is 4 minutes! - the Liaison auto-assess facility is a godsend/incredibly powerful and with the system's ability to transfer data to our accounts and CRM systems, Liaison provides an integral link to full supplier control.


Other supplier competency systems will assess the supplier's pre-qualification questionnaire (and some even charge extra for this!) in order to provide you with a list of pre-approved suppliers, but what if the supply you want to use isn't on the list, or is having difficulty getting on the list?

With Samson

Samson does not assess or approve your suppliers - you do! This helps us to keep costs down, but more importantly it gives you full control and allows you to work with the suppliers you know and want to work with.

A simple cost-effective solution that helps us remain compliant in our organisation with Liaison we know our Vendors are compliant 24/7.


The only reason a supplier will enter onto a supplier database system is to improve their chances of getting work - why else would they do it. With systems that focus on supplying pre-approved contractors there is always a danger that smaller businesses, or those with little or no industry accreditation will lose out when competing for work against larger companies.

With Samson

With Samson you invite your suppliers to come onto the system. You assess them, you approve them and you give them work. This means the supplier is far more likely to see some return on their registration fee.

Nothing's too much trouble for Liaison, it's rare to find a company that will go the extra mile but every time we've asked, they have always delivered. We need to have access to critical operational documentation 24/7, with Liaison that's more than simple.


Pre-approval systems require the supplier to complete a standard questionnaire that is the same for all and probably covers most, if not all of the things you want to know. But there may be a lot of information about your supplier that you don't need to know, but they've still had to provide in order to complete the questionnaire.

With Samson

Samson provides you with a PQQ that fits your requirements. We can supply you with a full PAS91:2013 question set, or use your existing pre-qualification questionnaire. There is no limit on the number of questions your questionnaire can have, it can be any length, from 5 to 500 (although we wouldn't recommend 500!). The supplier only has to answer questions they have not already responded to.

(Your PQQ is not shared with other buyers/main constructors.)

We know that vendor compliance is a necessary evil but Liaison saves us time, resource and more importantly money to ensure our business remains legal and makes the management of our Vendors simple.


All other supplier databases cover just the pre-qualification process. But what about project specific questions for suppliers who have been awarded work?

With Samson

Samson also covers the Pre-Construction process. This is a separate questionnaire* which is specifically geared to the project you want your supplier to work on. Who will be their site safety officer, have they given their operatives advice on asbestos awareness, what safety induction will they provide for their site operatives. These are just a few of the questions you can ask on a project by project basis.

*The Pre-Construction questionnaire can be supplied for you or you can use your current Pre-Construction questionnaire. The information provided in a Pre-Construction questionnaire is not shared with other buyers/supply chains or suppliers.

As our business has grown Liaison has become ever more useful in properly vetting and approving our supply chain in an efficient and cost effective manner; Liaison takes the drudgery out of information gathering in an efficient and user friendly fashion, it has been a great help and time saver to our organisation.

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