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We are not a large corporation and to be honest that's how we prefer it. We believe being a small company has a lot of advantages for our clients, for example any problems are dealt with by the people who designed and built that product. There's no 'have you tried restarting it' layer of support to deal with.

We are also prepared to listen to your suggestions or comments and have implemented changes to our products based on features you would like to see.

So what do we do? We have produced a suite of products that can help manage and monitor risk in the following areas:

  • SAMSON - supply chain pre-qualification
  • SAMSON - project pre-construction
  • SAMSON - project finance (in particular pay out warnings)
  • SAMSON - ensuring important documents are in date (supply chain insurances etc)
  • VIEW - Electronic O&M Manuals
  • VIEW - Internal document storage
  • MAINTAIN - planned preventative maintenance.


Samson by Liaison Systems
View by Liaison Systems
Maintain by Liaison Systems



Our pre-qualification questionnaire allows you to use as few or as many questions from the BSI industry standard as you need.

You can even add your own!


You can carry on using Samson on your projects (pre-construction questionnaires) where more detailed health & safety information is required.

Project Finance Warnings

Minimal or detailed project finance control and reporting with pay out warnings.

Supplier performance

The simple solution to building mutually beneficial partnerships.


Building Documentation

View provides you with a structured, easy to use library for all your building documentation. Ideal for O&M manuals and much more.

Find Documents

Find the information you need fast with our search engine facility.


Control who sees what. Access can be limited to a section or chapter. Time limited access also available.

Audit Trail

Complete document history available showing you what was updated, when and by whom. Previous copies also available.


Planned Preventative Maintenance

Maintain is a PPM or Planned Preventative Maintenance module that helps you easily manage your building's Scheduled Maintenance program.

Flexible Job Allocation

Carry out individual tasks or batch together without changing the schedule


Easily schedule in breakdown, emergency or one-off jobs as required

Uncluttered Reports
and Graphs

Real time instant reporting

... and most importantly - you



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