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We all like a pat on the back for a job well done and your suppliers are no different. If someone has done a good job let them know. Your suppliers are more likely to deliver extra if they know you appreciate and notice their efforts and Samson has just the tool to do this.

Project Performance Assessments are quick and easy with Samson.

At the end of a supplier or contractors involvement on a project you can carry out an assessment of their performance using one of the many features available from Samson's Project Management Area.

There are five key performance areas, each with several headings for you to provide a 1-5 score on, using a simple dropdown selection. Samson will add up the scores and provide you with an overall result for that project. The overall is based just on the headings you've scored against, so sections not relevant to the contractor's work will not upset their overall.

If the contractor was carrying out work on more than one package you can score either by package or on the job as a whole. Once your assessment is complete you can (if you want to) send a copy to your supplier so they can see your evaluation of their efforts.

Once your supplier knows they have a reputation to protect you could find a little praise goes a long way.

Of course this can work both ways and if you feel the contractor underperformed you can let them know this as well. Understanding where they missed the mark could benefit you both. They also have the option to respond to your assessment and any comments you have made.

Samson will also show you who your top ten and bottom ten performers are, across your supply chain and give you supplier/contractor overall scores based on all the project work they've done for you.

This can help project managers reduce risk by not appointing poor performers, useful if they are unfamiliar with your supply chain.

This is just one of the many features which go to make Samson more than just a supplier compliance and PQQ system.

Samson's project management features include:

  • Appoint a supplier/contractor on a package/trade basis
  • Issue a Pre-construction questionnaire
  • RAMS
  • Post project contractor/supplier performance assessment
  • Project Finance Control

My record for completing a PQQ assessment is 4 minutes! - the Liaison auto-assess facility is a godsend/incredibly powerful and with the system's ability to transfer data to our accounts and CRM systems, Liaison provides an integral link to full supplier control.

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